Bringhurst Primary pupils visit Lincoln Castle

Pupils at Bringhurst Primary School recently visited Lincoln Castle to learn more about British heritage and the long history of the castle.

The Year 2 children had the opportunity to find out more about the 'Magna Carta', an 800 year old document which is housed in a purpose-built vault at the castle, and is said to have marked a key turning point for freedom and democracy in British history.

The pupils also enjoyed a day of wall walking, banqueting, old English music, dancing and knight training before looking at different types of armour.

One of the pupils said: “It was a really fun day and I enjoyed learning about knights and their clothes. The music and dancing was good too and I would like to do it all again."

The David Ross Foundation recently donated £1.4m to Lincoln Castle to contribute to the Magna Carta vault’s development, so students across the David Ross Education Trust will have the opportunity to visit the castle and find out more about the Magna Carta for themselves.

Simon Northcott, Director of Enrichment at the David Ross Education Trust, added: "Lincoln Castle is the setting for a key piece of our history, so I am delighted that pupils at Bringhurst Primary School have had the chance to visit the castle and find out more about our heritage."